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Title:The Strange World of Cryptozoology
Category:Society: Folklore

Cryptozoology is deemed by many within the scientific and academic communities to be a field of pseudoscience. A field of study that endeavors to bring credence to the existence of rumored entities. Creatures or what some may refer to as monsters, such as Sasquatch (commonly called Big Foot), Chupacabras, as well as dismissed living things otherwise considered extinct or of fantasy are all topics within the field of Cryptozoology. These living entities are referred to as cryptids. Cryptozoology is considered to be it's own area of study, neither a part of zoology nor folkloristics. Join us as we explore the unknown and find answers to puzzling questions about cryptozoology.

Meta Keywords:lurking, cryptozoology, big foot, sasquatch, loch ness monster, nessie, megalodon, creatures, creature, cryptids, strange, unusual, unknown animals
Meta Description:Cryptozoology, the search for strange cryptids.
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