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The Goldwater

Category: News

The Goldwather is a leading news outlet the covers breaking news stories for around the world.

Gateway Pundit

Category: Business: News and Media

The Gateway Pundit is an amercian newssite about american politics. News and commentary.


Category: News: Television

Watch important videos reporting and analyzing news, media and culture.

Tea Party News Network

Category: News: Breaking News: Business and Economy

The Tea Party News Network is a leading Tea Praty news related website.

BizPac Review

Category: News: Newspapers

Republican and conservative news media, blog and newspaper.

Michelle Malkin

Category: Arts: Literature: Authors

Website to the author, columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin.

Western Journalism

Category: News: Journalism: Issues

Western Journalism hosts hundereds of commentators and bloggers.

Washington Times

Category: News: Newspapers

Washington Times - politics, breaking news, US and world news.


Category: Computers and Web: Internet

Breaking news stories on Twitter about US politics, entertainment and media.

Washington Examiner

Category: News: Current Events: Elections

Political news ans political analysis about congress, the president and federal government.

Freedom Daily

Category: Society: Activism: In Daily Life

American online publication with news about freedom and society. Freedom Daily publishes news articles, pictures and videos.

Larry Nichols News

Category: News: Headline Links

Larry Nichols News - news, headlines and commentary about US policy, military and immigration.

Truth Revolt

Category: News: Media: Media Activism

News site with breaking news, videos, commentary and petitions.

Apple Shopaholic

Category: Computers and Web

Apple Mac, MacBook, iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch news and reviews. Get the latest on Apple products and software.

Medical Kidnap

Category: Health: Child Health

Due to the increasing frequency of stories being exposed regarding children taken away from their families for simply disagreeing with their doctors, we felt it was time to put up a completely separate website to document these tragic stories.

Christian Post

Category: News

ChristianPost.com is the nation's most comprehensive Christian news website and was launched in March 2004, incorporated with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines.

Weekly Standard

Category: News: Journals: Society

A weekly conservative magazine and blog with news and opinion.

Free Beacon

Category: Business: Information Services: Publishers: News and Media

American online newspaper. Covers breaking new, politics and national security news.

The Right Scoop

Category: News: Headline Links: News Archives

American news site with headline stories, breaking news and live streams from the Senate and House. 

Daily Signal

Category: News: Current Events: Politics

Daily Signal - policy news, conservative analysis and opinion.

PJ Media

Category: News: Chats and Forums

Insightful reporting, commentary and analysis of news by some of the most infuential columnists and bloggers in America.

Conservative Daily Post

Category: News: Current Events: Elections

News about politcs, campaigns, elections and politicians, mainly from the United States of America.


Category: Shopping: Clothing

Ultimate Outlet has a huge selection of high quality clothing, accessories, shoes, dresses and more for women. Find discounts on major brands like Spiegel, Newport-News and Shape FX.


Category: Arts: Graphic Design: Graphic Designers

Bluemorphowebsite is dedicated to concept art, graphic design and web development. It is my blog, port folio and training ground. I will be posting here everything that is interesting to me and is related with graphic design, concept art and web development. I'll be sharing with you my opinions, inspirations and hot findings. This is also the place where I'm documenting progress in my recent projects. Finally it is a place where you can get in touch with me if you need any of the services Bluemorpho provides.

Thug Report

Category: News: Headline Links

Headlines from both local and leading online newspapers, TV and radio stations in USA highlighting crimes in urban araes.

Mad World News

Category: News: Alternative

Popular news website with alternative and/or underreported news stories from around the world.

Biker News Network

Category: News: Alternative

BNN news and articles for bikers. Events, Harley manuals, message board, email newsletter and much more.

Salt City Daily

Category: News: Newspapers

Salt City Daily is an online newspaper in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Minority Report Blog

Category: News: Current Events: Politics

News site mainly about american politics. Consists of a network of news bloggers.

Da Tech Guy Blog

Category: News: Journals: Society

Originally a blog abot technology but is today one of the biggest political news blogs in USA.

Ezra Levant

Category: News: Journalism: Broadcast Journalism

Website of Ezra Levant, a Canadian news anchor.

Liberal Media BS

Category: News: Journalism

Take the test to see if you can detect the difference between real news and B.S.

The Rebel

Category: News: Current Events

Canadian news website. Videos, podcasts and well known columnists.

The Sweden Report

Category: Regional: Europe: Sweden

News and commentary by an American living in Sweden.

Progressives Today

Category: News: Breaking News

Online newspaper publishing the leading liberalist and progressive news from USA.

Jews News

Category: News: Breaking News

Jewish news about anti-semitism, jews in the news, culture, health, middle-east, IDF, science and much more.

Jihad Watch

Category: News: Media

News about jihad terror from around the world. Site also contains videos and general information about islam.


Category: News: Current Events

Exposing media bias in TV, radio, newspapers and magazines in USA.

United with Israel

Category: Regional: Asia: Israel

Leading pro-Israel website with news coverage and useful information for Israel-supporters.

London Theatre News, Reviews and Tickets

Category: Arts: Theatre: Tickets

Buy London theatre tickets for London West End theatres. Book tickets online or by telephone. London theatre reviews, news and interviews online 24/7.

White House Dossier

Category: News: Current Events: Politics

Leading news blog about the White House administration and US president.

Middle East News And Analysis

Category: News: Media: Analysis and Opinion

IMRA provides an ongoing analisys of developements in Arab-Israel relations.

Israel News

Category: News: Current Events: Analysis and Opinion

News from Jerusalem, the settlements and the Middle East.


Category: News: Media: Media Issues

Promoting accurate and balanced reporting of Israel and the Middle East.

Sderot Media Center

Category: News: Alternative

Sderot residents are on the forefront of world news. Hear their voices and opinions on terrorism in Gaza.

Gatestone Institute

Category: News: Current Events: Politics

Institute promoting democracy, rule of law, human rights, free economy, energy independence and personal liberty.

Clash Daily

Category: News: Breaking News

Daily news about politics and culture. Videos, newsletter and columns.

The Blaze

Category: News: Breaking News

Breaking news about politics, business, faith and technology. TV, radio, blog, newsletter and books.


Category: News: Newspapers

Breitbart.com is a leading American online newspaper. News reports about media, hollywood, sports, national security and government.

Frontpage Mag

Category: News: Current Events: Analysis and Opinion

Online journal of news and political commentary. Covers american and international religious and political events.

Christian Examiner

Category: News

Christian newspaper featuring news about America, the world, society, faith, life and entertainment.

Media Research Center

Category: News: Journalism

Media watchdog group in USA. Analysis, columns and commentary on breaking news stories.

Terror News network

Category: News: Alternative: Bad News

Covering terrorism around the world. Also covers mass rapes, gangrapes, honour killings and other crimes.

USA News Insider

Category: News: Headline Links: News Archives

American news site covering republican and democrat politics, wolrd news and terrorism.


Category: News

Headline news, breaking news and viral news from leading news sites and newspapers.

The National Sentinel

Category: News: Journals: Society

The National Sentinel is a independent, non-corporate-owned news site dedicated to bringing our readers fresh, informative content and the news of the day.

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