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Are you getting the most out of Outlook?

Category: Business

It’s a program that can help you with a whole lot of different tasks, such as sorting out your calendar or sending emails.

Add on a new system

Outlook really is a great tool for work. It’s an easy way to keep track of your different plans and tasks. You can easily have joined calendars with different colleagues and on top of that, you have easy access to your email. So the daily communication is very smooth and easy.


But outlook can in fact help you with many other tasks, then what was mentioned above. You just need to be aware of what other programs and systems you need to buy and thereby add on to Outlook so that you expand its usefulness.



As an example of a company, who can provide systems that expands your use of Outlook, we can mention Add-on.com. By using the systems that they provide, you will be able to do a lot of meeting scheduling. This could be booking a room for a specific meeting. But you can do much more than just that. You will also be able to book the equipment that you will need at your meeting, such as AV-equipment, and you can also book food for the attendees. All of this via Outlook, that you already use at work.


If you are planning a bigger meeting, this system will even be able to help you arrange seating for everyone. By having things like this sorted out beforehand, you will get to the important work much faster. Since everyone will know where to sit and will be able to find their seat a lot faster. In the long run, using your time as efficiently as possible, will save you money.

Take the time to get familiar with it

If you are not quite sure if a meeting scheduling system like this, will be the right fit for you. You can always choose to try out a demo version. By doing this you can test out the different tools in the system and see if it will be able to help you with your daily work and if it will be worth paying for.


It always takes time to really understand a new system. So in the beginning you won’t know how to use all aspects of it in the best possible way. But with time you will see that you spend less time trying to figure out the tools and instead you will just benefit from having an easy way to schedule meetings.


The fact that you can do a lot of scheduling via Outlook, will make the leaning process easier. Since you already know the basis of Outlook, so everything will not be completely new and different. Many like the idea of not having to get used to a brand new system, where nothing looks familiar and thereby it might not feel logical how the settings are.

Date Added: September 30, 2020 09:50:30 AM
Author: Martin