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Save time on alloy wheel repair

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Nowadays, diamond cut alloy wheels are standard for new cars. Manufacturers lean towards the diamond cut alloys with the glossy and impressive shine, in order to maintain the standard of their vehicles. Therefore, the demand for repairs is increasing, and new, smart technology is needed. Wheelrestore from HBC system is the latest, most efficient technology in terms of alloy wheel repair.


Quick and easy repair


The diamond cut wheel is an alloy wheel which has been put on a wheel lathe. To get a shiny alloy, the painted surface of the wheel is enhanced. Part of or the entire painted surface then gets removed to get the shiny alloy finish. A small part of the alloy is machined off and afterwards lacquered over, which prevents corrosion.

The diamond cut wheels can get damaged rims and kerb damage like every other alloy wheel. The Alloy Wheel Repair Machine ensures a quick alloy repair, with the average repair time for an 18” wheel is 20 minutes. You are guaranteed the highest quality finish in only 20 minutes, and your diamond cut alloy wheels will look exceptionally new.

The Alloy Wheel Repair Machine is fully automated, and the interface is specifically designed for alloy repair. You can follow the repair procedure on the user-friendly touch screen interface from the starting task to the finishing task. The machine, designed in Denmark, will give you the most high-quality finish in no time with an interface a lot less complicated than other machines on the market.

Date Added: December 19, 2019 07:25:05 AM
Author: Martin