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Washable incontinence pants: because every child deserves th

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Kids love to play around with their friends and enjoy themselves. Therefor it is crucial that they feel comfortable in what they are wearing, due to their constant movements. However, some kids experience problems with retaining urine, so what are we able to do about that?

Solve the issue

Problems with retaining urine and experiencing other bowel motions can really put a restriction on the child. Kids wants to play around and have fun, but if they have issues with retaining urine it can make the situation a bit trickier. However, this should not control their lives, and they should still be able to have fun, just as much as kids without bladder issues, right?    

Enjoyable to wear

Dryandcool.co.uk came up with the great solution, which is called: washable incontinence pants. What is that, you may ask? Washable incontinence pants are a type of underwear designed to absorb accidents, without them being visible. However, it is worth noting, that the underwear is only able to keep some smaller accidents invisible, but it still works, and the underwear looks cool. Another great feature about this underwear is, that it is very comfortable to have on, due to the fact that it is 95 % cotton. A lot of underwear tends to be rather uncomfortable to kids, because it has to be able to absorb accidents. This underwear is something completely different, because it absorbs accidents, without anyone noticing, it looks cool, and it is enjoyable to wear.

No worries

Every child should be able to run around and enjoy themselves, without having to worry about whether or not they have an accident, and if anyone is able to tell. With underwear from Dryandcool this is no longer an issue and is the perfect solution to any child who suffers from bowel movements or struggles to retain urine.

Date Added: March 04, 2019 11:52:33 AM
Author: Martin