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What you need to know about Customer Data Platform

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Online marketing is a lot of things, and can be used in many different ways. Normally, online marketing is tightly connected with web- and digital marketing and is able to make a company grow tremendously. However, there is much more to be discovered in this online marketing world.  

What is CDP?

When using online marketing, you must learn about customer data platform, also known as CDP. But what exactly is CDP you may ask? It is a platform to connect types of customer data from websites, apps and much more, to make them into one customer view. This platform simply gathers the information about a customer’s activities online and makes it available to be used by a third party, which in this case could be you.

The benefits

You may ask yourself, what benefits CPD has to offer, and the answer is actually multiple things. One of the many benefits from CPD is the category “persona”. This allows you to see certain customer activity, such as when a customer adds something to their bag, or if they are viewing an item. When these customers exceed certain points, you are able to categorize them into groups, such as “discount lovers”, which gives you an idea as to what customers you are dealing with. This can furthermore link other personas together and create a broader overview of the customers.

Customer Life Cycle

When dealing with your costumers online, it is important to know what stages they are at. Some customers may just look at a product, and others may want to buy something. With the Customer Life Cycle, it is much easier to get to know your customers a little more. The Customer Life Cycle allows you to see what stages your customers are at. You are able to see when they are viewing a product, but also when they are close to buying something. With these features you are able to view the customers stages from start till finish. Whether it is because they end up buying something or just leaving the website.

Date Added: February 27, 2019 11:00:50 AM
Author: Martin